Meet the Team

Mark Jung

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Mark has been a cycling enthusiast since he rode his neighbor’s Big Wheel down an alley and splashed a puddle of water on his sister’s Sunday School dress.  In 2004, he started attending regular trail rides with the redbike staff where he enjoyed the unpretentious atmosphere they created by making the rides convivial, friendly and inclusive regardless of skill or fitness.  Presently, he is the redbike club president organizing weekly club rides, races and functions throughout the year.  He has been racing mountain and cyclocross bikes for several years, and he founds that it is the single best way to improve cycling skills and fitness and to meet new people who have a similar love of cycling.  From local weekly races to large Grand Fondo races to anything in between, Mark loves to surround himself with other cycling enthusiasts and to help encourage other people to start cycling and racing or more often.  As he enters this race season as a Master B racer, Mark is excited to race people in his age category and to see how many younger racers he can beat to the finish line.

Shantel Koenig


A little late to the party, Shantel decided to try racing bikes at 29 so she could see new trails and improve her skills, and ended up honing her skills racing girls half her age. After four years of learning and progression, Shantel was upgraded to Elite and has since had the opportunity to race against and be humbled by racing icons Catherine Pendrel, Emily Batty, Georgia Gould, Katerina Nash, as well as countless others. Though primarily an Alberta-based racer, she has enjoyed travelling to compete in mountain bike and cyclocross events throughout Canada and the US. Shantel is super pumped to have fun racing this season with the Kokanee-Redbike crew.

Sheldon Smart


Representin’ for all those middles-aged, mid-packers out there still striving for glory in the racing world! Got my start in Adventure Racing back in the early 2000s, and realized, the bike stages were what I was always looking forward to – so, dropped the AR scene for a UCI race license and a true MTB XC race bike. After a few solid years of paying my dues in the back half of the field, I’m starting to find my legs and looking forward to tearing it up in MTB, and really bringin’ it for my fav, cross season!

Josh Hines


I’m just trying to live life to the fullest. For me that means challenging myself and cycling’s been the key. Helped me (gave me a reason to) drop 30lb and live a fitter life. My first serious year racing was 2010 and I has moderate success with MTB but really seemed to make progress with cross. I love blasting off the front and then try to hold on. Definitely like marathon and stage racing; seems to take me 2hrs to get comfortable on a MTB. Kind of dropped off the racing radar for a couple years but I’m back to give it everything I’ve got. I know I haven’t come close to my potential and I better hurry up cause I’m not getting any younger.

Mike Sarnecki


Mike was ‘bitten by the cycling bug’ in the early 21st century and entered his first mountain bike race aboard his trusty triple triangle GT Pantera in the Citizen class at an AB cup in Camrose.  Finishing dead last and thoroughly shattered, Mike was hooked on the sport and he hasn’t looked back since.  Inspired by watching Roddi Lega descend past World Class racers down the laundry shoot in the Canmore World Cup, Mike worked his way up through the classes and currently races Elite Mountain Bike & Cyclocross.  Driven by what is the lifestyle of a cyclist, Mike’s love of cycling is steadfast and he hopes he can share his  passion with others on the road, the trails, or over a good cup of coffee.

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About Sarns

Cycling is my passion and I love all things bike related including racing MTB & Cyclocross. Driven by what is the lifestyle of a cyclist, my love of cycling is steadfast and I hope I can share my passion with others on the road, the trails, or over a good cup of coffee.

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