The Cycling Waiting Game

Patience is a virtue for those who seek it or already have it.  For me, I always liked sulking and whining like a petulant child when I don’t get my way or get what I want right away.  In today’s society of instant gratification, it’s very easy to get things or information immediately from the palms of our hands, literally.  If we have any fleeting thought whether it’s trivial or a cathartic epiphany, we just go to our social media outlet and just type it out on our virtual soapbox and hope to get an appropriate response from our adoring audience.  We, as a society, do not have much patience for anything anymore so I can feel somewhat justified, or at least an assuaged guilt, to have a wrenching angst in my gut for my new carbon Beargrease XX1.


Carbon Salsa Beargrease XX1 in the flesh @ Interbike.  With these HED fatbike wheels, the bike tipped the scale at 21.5 lbs!

This story starts back in April of this year where I was propositioned by redbike to demo a carbon Beargrease XX1 with a purported weight of sub 25lbs for the upcoming winter.  There were a couple of real concerns regarding this offer: First, I really had a great time riding my old Mukluk the past winter without any complains or failures, other than the time I broke my chain misshifting on a climb.  Secondly, will the BearGrease show up in time for the winter season or at all?  There are some famous quotes describing this situation: “ Once bitten, twice shy” and “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me”.   The second quote was fantastically mishandled by George W. Bush which still makes me chortle whenever I think of it.  For those unacquainted, last fall, QBP failed to deliver my Beargrease which left me fatbikeless for the impending winter.  Fortunately, redbike had a Mukluk that I was able to filch as a replacement for the BearGrease, then winter fatbiking history was made.  Hyperbolic?  Probably, but I put in so many winter trail miles, it felt monumental.

I will not be too redundant about the benefits of riding a fatbike as you can refer to my previous blogs, but I think that is why this waiting game is so frustrating for me.  I don’t have to guess, surmise or anticipate the fun of riding a fatbike on the snowpacked singletrack as I know exactly what I am missing.  I hate looking at my friends’ smug little faces as they discuss rear hub spacing, which tire width is best on what conditions and them feigning sympathy about my situation.  I love and hate being so covetous.


Salsa Beargrease Glam Shot

So here was are, at the beginning of December, still waiting for my BearGrease to arrive from Salsa.  I can almost hear George W. Bush laughing at my misfortune, and that man should have no reason to be laughing at anyone.  Well, perhaps the American and Iraqi people.  Please don’t let me give you the impression that I don’t like winter riding on my 29er Devinci as it works really well, and I love the serenity, silence and Robert Frost whiteness of cycling in the snow with my friends.  As a lifer Edmontonian, I realize that fondness of cold snowy days is paramount to surviving the winters, and I just sampled cycling’s next big thing for snow so I want it, now.

2 thoughts on “The Cycling Waiting Game

  1. Hello. It is a little disconcerting that all the bike manufacturers seem to be missing important deadlines for dealers and consumers on many products these days. Many Lrg. manufacturers totally missed the launch and killed the excitement of their top end Fat Bikes this season. Salsa missed the mark by two months according to this interview at Interbike this year.—-best-new-mtb-gear-2014/247507

    Salsa spokesman claims that the complete bike and frame kit will be available in October. Which seems reasonable since they launched a rideable prototype back in February of this year.

    I still can’t wait for my bike to get here because riding my bike is a part of my every day life and keeps me healthy and happy. I just can’t seem to shake this little bit of resentment I have towards supporting a company that missed the mark so badly and toward the new bike I was so stoked to be riding a month ago.

    Please amend the article as it states “OGC failed to deliver my Beargrease” as Outdoor Gear Canada does not distribute Salsa product and has not in the past. Thank you.

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