Hurry up and Wait – BC Bike Race Day Zero

Hurry up and wait – a necessary and well executed evil BC Bike race. Hurry up and get your race bag and bike loaded, then wait for the racer briefing. Hurry up and get to the terminal, then wait to board the ferry. Hurry up and get on the ferry, then wait as we set sail. Hurry up and find bus to get on, then wait as we drive an hour or so to our final resting spot – Cumberland. Ahhh, we have arrived.   

Racer Briefing

Day Zero, in my opinion, is the longest day of the whole race. All travel with no riding. As this is my second go round with BCBR, I knew what I was in for, and adjusted my game plan accordingly.

The best idea of the day was to have my wife, my daughter, and her grand parents drive me to the ferry terminal instead of taking the BCBR busses. It was a beautiful day and precious last moments where had with my family before I set sail away racing my bike for a few days.

A Little Time for Some Swinging

I made the best of the situation and made some new friends. Funny how easy it is when everyone wants to talk about bikes! Then entertainment factor was super high as Brett Tippie sat right behind me on the bus. If you ever get a chance, ask him to tell his Tarzan joke – it will have you in stitches


Beauty of a Day to Sail to Vancouver Island

Cumberland always plays a great host, and my Steelhead trout straight out of the Campbell River was truly delicious! What did you have for dinner at your last bike race?


I really feel like we are cattle. 
So racing starts tomorrow and I’m ready as i can be. Can’t wait to throw down.

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