Emerging From a Dark Place – BCBR Day 1

When your standing on the start line, one minute away from 8:30am and the start of Day 1 in Cumberland, and you see 30 Celsius on your Garmin, you know it’s going to be a hot & sweaty day on the bike. 48 kms with 1,163 meters of climbing was on tap.

30 degree start line

I timed the start shoot appearance perfectly, and rolled out near the front to kick of my BCBR 2015 campaign. The course went up and up and up some more with 10 kms of fire road climbing. I felt really good, and spun up and climbed my own pace, even poking my nose to the front of the race. I kept the throttle in the sample place as the road pitched up even steeper, and the Kona boys and Rocky Mountain Factory team kept the pace and just like that the elite lead group was formed.

I climbed well and held my own so to speak on the decent, with only a few guys coming around me. Once I hit the first aid station, I was the only guy to stop. A bit strange, but all the water jugs were way at the back, so I thought, ‘nah, I have enough water with me’. Nah, not so much Mike!

Done and dusted 

By the time I hit basecamp (the mid point of the race) I was bone dry and had to spend the next 7 kms climbing up the fire road to Aid Station 2 in the baking sun. I throttled way way back and inched my way for what seemed like forever. 

Like an oasis in a desert, Aid Station 2 quenched my thirst as riders blew by while I chugged a Red Bull and nearly choked on gummy bears. Feeling much better after getting some fluids in me, I rode the last part of the course well, giving hope for tomorrow.

A freezing cold shower was just what the doctor ordered. Cold water never felt so good!

Ferry views 

The Queen of Burnaby ferry delivered us to Powell River, my favourite basecamp in the BCBR. Lucky for us we spend two nights here camping right beside the ocean. 

Not a bad place to camp for two days 

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