That’s More Like It – BCBR Day 2

Ah, Powell River, a little mountain biking oasis tucked up on the mainland but only accessible by ferry. What a beautiful place. BCBR 2015’s route has us camp here on the beach for two glorious nights, with an amazing day of singletrack shredding in between.

Good morning BCBR 

Day 2 of BCBR was 52 kms with 1094m of climbing. The Powell River stage is one of my favourites, most likely because it most closely resembles Edmonton trails. Someone described it as a a magic carpet ride – just hope on and ride. The trails here on course were more rooty than rocky, and not so steep where you constantly needed to keep your speed at bay but rather you could just open it up and flow through the corners and float over the roots.

All smiles at basecamp 

Starting right from the beach, we climbed for about 10 k before hitting the singletrack. I settled into what I’ll call the 2nd group and had some fun riding the trails with a fairly evenly matched bunch of dudes.

I didn’t make the same mistake as last year by missing water at Aid Station 1, so I actually didn’t need to soft pedal at all today. It’s so cool to race in these places as it feels like the whole town comes out to cheer us on. My favourite today was the “Aloha Climb” with a tiki bar and all.

A way better day for me results wise, 8th on the day in Solo Men by finishing 17th overall. Two days into the 7 day race, and I think people will start to fade quicker than I with my strong famine resistant polish genes, so I hope to look ‘stronger’ each day. Cheers to that!

Taking in a killer ocean view 

rebike hooked me up big time with Rocky Mountain bikes, as they are supporting me as one of their riders throughout the week. My bike is working great and the Rocky boys will keep it that way. They set up is pretty sweet too and free beer for all wins a lot of friends.

Rocky Mountain’s setup 

Things are just winding down here at base camp, and as I type, Lululemon, one of BCBR’s sponsors, is hosting free yoga for racers. I really looked forward to coming to Powell River, and both the trails and the atmosphere did not disappoint.

Powell River sunset  

On tap tomorrow is the longest stage of the race, Earls Cove to Sechelt. But first up in the morning is a plane ride!

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