Longer Than Expected – BCBR Day 4

Hump Day! The forth stage of BCBR, from Sechelt to Lansdale Ferry Terminal, is the middle stage of this week long adventure. Covering 50kms with 1500m of climbing, this new route took a few people by surprise as it took most, including me, longer to complete than expected. Yesterday was considered the ‘hardest’ stage of the race, but today’s could be considered just as tough. Although it was 10kms shorter, it featured more elevation gain.

IMG 1603

This week has been powered by Nutella.

I’ve been snacking and eating a lot – comes with the territory when you’re burning over 2,200 calories per stage. Nutella has been a treat of choice. On the ferry early in the week a German guy asked me if I was European since I was eating Nutella!

IMG 1604 1

Breakfasts and Suppers have been wonderful too. Check out this menu from Sechelt. The Quinoa and Kale bake was amazing.

IMG 1608

Today’s stage when 90% to plan. I rode the climbs super strong and was ahead of most of the group of dudes that I was riding with for most of the week. At the 1hr mark, I even had the lead group in my sights, about 20 seconds up ahead, but I was wiser to stay on my own pace rather than push hard to join the leaders for a few moments of glorious suffering. My water conservation was just about right, as I just had to ratio my water to for about 20 minutes prior to Aid Station 2. The last push to the 20 minute decent to the finish line, 4 kms of fire road climbing sort of did me in. I just did not consume enough calories in the day, and my empty tank warning light was starting to blink. Instead of railing, hooting, and hollering my way down the fun trail, I hung on for dear life just to finish in one piece.

Shredding some Trail 📷: BC Bike Race

I ended up 16th overall and 10th in Solo Men on the day, creeping my way up to 11th in the GC (overall cumulative) results.

IMG 1615

With over 200kms of hard mountain bike racing in the legs, you need to get your recovery in whenever you can. Here I took the opportunity to put my legs up on the ferry. I was able to catch the early earlier ferry, enabling me to hang out with my family for a few extra hours this afternoon / evening in North Van.

IMG 1639

It takes a lot of power to recharge everyone’s connectivity to the internet

IMG 1640

Tomorrow is going to be hard, again. The same amount of climbing as today, but in 10 fewer kilometres on the North Shore. I say bring it on, as it’s another chance for me to crawl my way up the standings.

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