Powered by Ice Cream – BCBR Day 3

Powell River was great, but time to move on, as some would say, movin’ up movin’ on. With 620 racers, and a hundred more staff, the ferry from Powell River to Earl’s Cove is too small to fit everyone from the event! So a lucky few get to commute to the start by Harbour Air float plane. I was one such lucky sole.

Bus life 📷; BC Bike Race

  In order to make this happen, I had to have all of gear ready to go before I departed for breakfast, so it was an early morning for sure. Hurry up and wait – hurry and pack your bag; wait to catch the bus to breakfast. Hurry up and eat breakfast, wait for the bus to the float plane. Hurry up to get to the float plane, wait to board…

   Our chariot awaits

But the experience was well worth the wait. Each float plane around was made in the ’50’s, and Harbour Air can rebuild every part if they have the brass plate. FInd a brass plate in the bush and they could build a float plane around it. The pre-flight safety video was  played on an iPad and and the racer who got to sit in the front with the pilot was instructed, in the event he needed to take over, to “pull up and the trees will get smaller; push down and the trees will get larger”.

   Raceing today started right from the ferry terminal and climbed up for 10kms again. 1597m of elevation was gained over the 59km course, and stacked up to be a test of self pacing as it was hot and most of the course was exposed to the sun with little wind.

  A rack full of rocket ships from Rocky Mountain 

I managed my effort quite well today and avoided dipping into the red zone, dropped a few Euros on the final descent and finished 17th overall and 10th in Solo men on the day. I eased off the gas when things got stupid steep and kept the throttle open when it was smart to do so.  The toughest day is behind us.


Racing right from the ferry terminal

I’m currently sitting in 12th place in GC – about 8 minutes outside of the top ten. With 4 stages to go I can keep chipping away a that deficit and see if my strong polish blood enables me to fade less than my competitors as the race goes on.

   Thumbs up!

Tomorrow is hump day we race from Sechelt to the Langdale ferry terminal with a quick boat trip back to North Vancouver and a rendezvous with my family.

4 scoops of ice cream does a body good!

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