Sheldon Smart


Representin’ for all those middles-aged, mid-packers out there still striving for glory in the racing world! Sheldon got his start in Adventure Racing back in the early 2000s, and realized, the bike stages were what he was always looking forward to – so, he dropped the AR scene for a UCI race license and a true MTB XC race bike. After a few solid years of paying his dues in the back half of the field, he’s starting to find his legs and looks forward to tearing it up in MTB, and really bringin’ it for his fav, cross season!

Mike Sarnecki


Mike was ‘bitten by the cycling bug’ in the early 21st century and entered his first mountain bike race aboard his trusty triple triangle GT Pantera in the Citizen class at an Alberta cup in Camrose.  Finishing dead last and thoroughly shattered, Mike was hooked on the sport and he hasn’t looked back since.  Inspired by watching Roddi Lega descend past World Class racers down the laundry shoot in the Canmore World Cup, Mike worked his way up through the classes and currently races Elite Mountain Bike & Cyclocross.  Driven by what is the lifestyle of a cyclist, Mike’s love of cycling is steadfast and he hopes he can share his  passion with others on the road, the trails, or over a good cup of coffee. Mike is the 2014 Alberta Cross Country Provincial Champion.

Mitchell Thomas


IMG_6363Mitchell grew up riding mountain bikes with his family for fun. His dad was into racing in 1999 and 2000 but took a break to help his son follow his dream of racing professional motocross. For the past 12 years he traveled western Canada and south to California chasing his dream. Some major injuries forced him to spend more time cycling again and helped rekindle the childhood passion everyone has for bicycles! Now he’s hooked and trying to move up through the ranks to elite in cross country mtb racing.

Steve Formstone


Steve’s passion for two wheels began at a young age. As a child the bicycle was always the weapon of choice for exploring Edmonton’s mean streets, until inevitably the mid-nineties where discovering single track led to a love of cross country mountain biking. Though this infatuation of XC mountain biking was short lived at that time, Steve’s love of two wheels continued. Progressing into downhill mountain biking and racing motocross for several years in the early 2000’s, he eventually returned to cross country riding. Steve’s love of mountain biking has evolved from riding to racing and further into the cycling community. Presently, in addition to racing Steve works as a mentor to youth in the Edmonton Bicycle Commuter’s The Spoke program and as a mechanic for the You Can Ride Two program where he can further share his passion for two wheels.


Krystal Lyka

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Krystal started riding bikes around the farm when she was young.  But didn’t really get into riding/racing until later on in life.  Riding more for fun and joining a few races here and there,  by joining Kokanee Redbike this year she’s excited to challenge herself and take riding to a new level.

Jeff Ryks


Jeff Ryks found his passion for mtb riding at an early age when his dad showed up on the driveway with a brand spankin new Univega. He tore it up through twelligar ravine with his buddies unitl late high school and then fell out of touch with the sport until trying his first first full suspension 10 years later in Canmore. Ever since, he hasn’t looked back and decided to spend his life savings in the pursuit of shaving grams off his fleet. Jeff took his first crack at xc racing in 2015 and moved his way up through the sport category. He’s looking for a couple podium finishes this year with the goal of moving up through expert.